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I’m Brad Lunde, the guy behind Lone Mountain Audio.  Music has always been a key passion even before my early start as a musician.  When I discovered that living the rock and roll life on the road was not for me, I turned my sights to the business end of music, especially the gear.

My very first job in the audio business was working for a high end hi fi store in Milwaukee, where I learned to hear the differences between expensive amplifiers, preamps, speakers and turntable tonearms and cartridges. I eventually moved on from the hi fi store to become a manufacturer’s representative in the 80s, where I learned from the factories themselves how they made it, and why they did it that way.   I left the rep business in the 90s and went to work for JBL in California as National Sales Manager, Systems Group.  Here I learned the importance of Engineering.

In 1997 I started TransAudio Group, which has become one of the leaders in high end audio for the recording industry. I supply the top dealers high end pro gear and a few top end user friends the high end gear they need for their work.  It was at TransAudio that I met ATC.

Billy Woodman (founder) and Bob Polley (Managing Director) of ATC visited me around 2000 seeking help for ATC Pro in the US.  ATC already had significant support in the Professional world from quite a number of well-educated music industry insiders.   It’s been my job since then to help ATC expand that support and help end users understand what makes ATC so different.

Today, ATC is a key player in the mixing and mastering world.  TransAudio interacts with an extraordinary number of the industry’s top mixing and mastering engineers purchasing ATC to improve their work.  I visit studios such as Capitol and East West in LA, or Blackbird and Oceanway in Nashville.  I’ve met some talented people that record the artists you know.  What’s most amazing is that they tell me how much ATC helps them hear what is really going on. That nothing they’ve tried works like ATC at stripping away the veil to reveal the details, the truth.

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Lone Mountain and ATC

At home, many of us dream about hearing music the way it was experienced in the studio, just as the artist created it.   With ATC, that is exactly what you get, the professional studio experience.  Every effort is made in ATC’s engineering department to find sources of error, of distortion, of limitation and eliminate them.  That is why ATC builds everything in house: their own drivers, their own crossovers, their own amplifiers, their own preamplifiers, even CD players.   With ATC it’s as if you finally have the proper prescription eyeglasses and you can “see” clearly for the first time, you hear details you’ve never heard before from recordings you know well.

So ATC has come back to me again and asked me to help them with their Consumer Product Line.  Hence I have formed a new sister company, Lone Mountain Audio, with the idea of bringing the home user “The Studio Experience”.   I am convinced that once you hear it done right, you’ll understand what Lenny Kravitz, Tom Petty, Jack White, Pink Floyd, Diana Krall, Martina McBride and so many more have known about ATC for a long time.  You too can hear music the way it was made, the way the artist hears their own creations.   I so look forward to introducing you to this unique experience.  ATC: “The Studio Experience”.

Best Regards
Brad Lunde


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