Stereonet reviews the SCM40


“Personally, I adore it for its accuracy, speed and insight – the way it strings the rhythmic elements of the mix together, punching out the music’s emotion in a marvellously unconstrained way.” – David Price, Stereonet


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Stereophile – ATC at T.H.E. Show 2021

“It’s the kind of speaker that makes you feel ridiculous sitting quietly in your chair taking notes, when everything you hear declares, “Get up and dance!” – Jason Serinus, Stereophile
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Part-Time Audiophile – ATC, Lone Mountain Audio, TriangleArt | T.H.E. SHOW 2021

“…capable of playing at unbelievable volumes while maintaining some of the highest levels of detail, frequency linearity, and spatial accuracy of any speaker I’ve heard.” – Grover Neville, Part-Time Audiophile
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SCM40A featured in Part-Time Audiophile’s 2021 Buyer’s Guide


“These active British monitors are known for their inner detail, well defined bass extension and superb midrange. If passive ATC speakers are known for being power hungry, you have nothing to worry about here as …

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CE Pro Review – Hands On: ATC SCM40A Bundles Pro Performance in Consumer Package

“… through its professional performance lineage, the speaker provides everything a homeowner expects from a premium loudspeaker. I cannot recommend enough checking out the SCM40A and the rest of the ATC product line.” – Bob …

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ATC CDA2 MK2 CD/DAC/Pre-Amplifier Receives Roon Tested Certification

Las Vegas, NV, February 22, 2021 – ATC Loudspeaker Technology is proud to announce the CDA2 Mk2
CD/DAC/Pre-Amplifier receives Roon Tested Certification.
Developed as the ideal partner for ATC’s latest P2 power amplifier and active …

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ATC Compact System review by Secrets of Home theater and high fidelity


“The ATC Compact Audio System is a very high-quality system that should satisfy for decades and decades to come…Don’t confuse it with the myriad of cheap “lifestyle” systems on the market – this isn’t one …

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Las Vegas, NV, July 6, 2020 – ATC Loudspeaker Technology is proud to announce the availability of the SCM150ASLT, a luxurious marriage of world-class transducer and electronic design engineering, conceived to deliver extraordinary …

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ATC 5.1 System Review by Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity

“ATC has put together a moderately sized 5.1 channel home theater package that delivers performance and impact like Muhammad Ali in a Savile Row suit.” – Carlo Lo Raso
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ATC SIA2-100 Amplifier / SCM7 Loudspeaker System Review by Stereonet

“The ATC SIA2-100 amplifier and SCM7 loudspeaker combination is a compact system that punches way above its weight – indeed it has incredible presence given its small stature.” – Jay Garrett



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