ATC 5.1 System Review by Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity

“ATC has put together a moderately sized 5.1 channel home theater package that delivers performance and impact like Muhammad Ali in a Savile Row suit.” – Carlo Lo Raso
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ATC SIA2-100 Amplifier / SCM7 Loudspeaker System Review by Stereonet

“The ATC SIA2-100 amplifier and SCM7 loudspeaker combination is a compact system that punches way above its weight – indeed it has incredible presence given its small stature.” – Jay Garrett



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SIA2-100, CD2 & SCM7 reviewed by Gramophone Magazine

“Above all, it’s the integration of this set-up that’s its most appealing aspect. The drivers in the SCM7 work together seamlessly, the amplifier has more than enough power, control and definition to ensure they behave …

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SCM50ASL Review by Hi-Fi Critic

“Like the ATC SCM50PSL passive version reviewed last year, the SCM50ASL also squarely hits the HIFICRITIC Audio Excellence level for sheer all round ability, and not least on grounds of a that truly massive dynamic …

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SCM40 Awarded ‘Best Buy’ by The Ear


“It’s probably best not to wear socks whilst listening to the SCM40s – they’re only going to get blown off each time you fire-up these gorgeous floorstanders” – Rahiel Nasir, The Ear, December 2019


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Las Vegas, NV, November 19, 2019 – Built to provide a dynamic low-distortion bass foundation for ATC’s Entry Series speakers, its C1C and C3C center speakers, HTS Series …

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Special Edition SCM50SE Review by Positive Feedback

“…present, immediate, relaxed and yet detailed with as good a timbrel balance as I’ve heard in my house or at a show.” – Larry Cox, Positive Feedback              …

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RMAF 2019 – Wrap Up & Press Coverage

Thank you to all who visited us at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019!  We featured the SCM50SE Special Edition Active Towers paired with the CDA2 Mkll.  We had the compact CD2 and SIA2-100 along with a …

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Join us at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019 in room 10144!

Join us to experience ATC September 6-8, 2019 at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in room #10144!
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ATC 7.1 Multi-channel System Review by Doug Blackburn at Widescreen Review

“…amazing dynamic capability; loads of detail and nuance; zero listening fatigue at any sane listening level; steadfastly neutral sound; and distortion so low that more typical loudspeakers sound poorly designed in comparison.”  – Doug …

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